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21 February 2023 Dade Native Plant Workshop

February's topic is the Cannabaceae (Cannabis family).  In South Florida we have only two native genera in this family, Celtis and Trema, which were formerly in the Celtidaceae and akin to the Urticaceae, Ulmaceae and Moraceae. Please do not bring in anything illegal such as any member of the genus Cannabis, also, please bring in at least 3 plants, which needn’t necessarily cover the topic.  

The Native Plant Workshop is FREE. Meeting time is at 5:00PM, the third Tuesday of each and every month. We convene at the Miami Dade College Kendall Campus’s Landscape Technology Nursery in the northwest corner of the campus. Please park inside of the gate. For a map and address of the campus click on above link or go to:

If you want DNPW announcements, the NING website no longer lets me email members, so you will want to follow me on Twitter at:

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