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This is a very small plant, a mass about 3-4" high, with very small cream-colored flowers and needle-shaped leaves from green to yellow to orange (seen center right and toward lower right beneath the flowers; not easy to see in photo). These are in the disturbed area (sand) of the newly developed parking area on the north border of the Helene Klein Pineland Preserve, Coconut Creek, Broward, along with the sometimes vivid-orange Rust Weed or Juniperleaf, Polypremum procumbens. We also saw this at the Juno Dunes, Palm Beach, site where it had been recently burned. It's likely common, although I don't see it as a "weed" in our city areas. I might take some to see if I can cultivate it if I ever see it roadside where it might be appropriate to do so (not in any park, preserve, or private property). What is its name?

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Comment by Steve Woodmansee on June 15, 2015 at 10:15am

Paronychia americana (American nailwort).  This species commonly occupies scrub and scrubby flatwoods habitats. It also likes disturbed sandy soils near such habitats.  It is native, I am unaware whether any have tried to cultivate it though.

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