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Enthusiastic folks who wish to learn how to identify South Florida's wild plants

August 17th Meeting TOPIC is the Mint Family (Lamiaceae)

Hey folks, I have gone ahead and sponsored the website as discussed at our last meeting. With this mini version, we no longer have an events function, so announcements of future meetings will be on the blog. You may still post photos and videos, as well as use the forum for discussion. A new feature is the Plant Quiz, test the knowledge you learned from the previous meeting! Hope to see everyone there....Steve

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Comment by Joe Marquez on August 15, 2010 at 6:53am
3 out of 5 that's not too good, but I wasn't at the meeting so I'll use that as my excuse. Plus I'm the only person I know that doesn't care much for bromas. I like the Plant Quiz feature.

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